February 2016

Go Team Canada

It's a pleasure and great honour to have Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Canada and world Figure Skating champions, at EVVIVA. You cheer us up every time you come in. Thank you... and Go Team Canada! :)

January 2016


The weather is quite cold these days and a good hot tea will feel really great ;) Try one from our selection of DAMMANN Frères Tea

December 2015

Boxing Week

Boxing Day may have drained your battery, but we still have a week of boxing ahead... Don't forget to Fuel Up at EVVIVA :)

Darth Vader at EVVIVA

Whichever side you choose, we have the best bacon and eggs in town! ;)

Your Home Office

EVVIVA is a great place for you and your co-workers to get your tasks done while enjoying a great ambiance and great coffee.

See You For Breakfast

We are here, every morning, waiting for you to start the day with a great breakfast! :)

Ontario Eggs #GoLocal

At EVVIVA we crack hundreds of eggs every day, and we are proud that they all come from Ontario's very own local farms :) #GoLocal

November 2015

The Awesome Eggs Benedict

We love them, You love them, Everyone loves them :) Our traditional ‪Eggs Benedict are enjoyed hundreds of times, every day at EVVIVA Breakfast and Lunch

Something Great for Every Taste

Whether you are craving for Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch, at Evviva, we have lots of exciting choices for every occasion and every taste. Come on in, any time of the day and celebrate a great meal with us.